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Alumni Tanise Montgomery is a medical laboratory scientist with Princeton Community Hospital in Princeton, WV

Welcome to the HSTA Alumni Association! We're excited to have you here!

The association is a group of HSTA graduates who want to stay in touch with friends, share stories, support each other, and give a little bit back to the program that gave a lot to us.

If you’re already a member, great! We’re happy you’ve joined us.

If you aren’t a member, we’d love for you to get involved. We want to grow into an awesome association that gives all of us the chance to network, share resources, develop skills, and have fun! We also want to combine our efforts to support HSTA so it continues to be here for the West Virginia kids and communities that need it for years to come.

HSTA Alumni Association Mission

Create an engaged and committed community of HSTA alumni that promotes excellence in education and health care in West Virginia and actively supports today’s bright, young HSTA scholars.

Association Goals

The HSTA Alumni Association is just getting started. A small group of committed members established the organization. Now we need to grow! This means spreading the word, recruiting members, setting up an organizational structure, and figuring out what we want to do together.

Would you like to get involved? We’re looking for volunteers to serve on our inaugural governing board, help with activities the board undertakes, and support HSTA as mentors, donors, and advocates. To find out more, contact association lead Ellis Roper at ellisroper.wvu@gmail.com or 912-230-7512.

Association Packages

Silver Membership, $25 donation
• One-year membership
• HSTA Alumni Association lapel pin

Gold Membership, $35 donation
• One-year membership
• HSTA Alumni Association t-shirt
• HSTA Alumni Association lapel pin

Platinum Membership, $75 donation
• One-year membership
• HSTA Alumni Association t-shirt
• HSTA Alumni Association lapel pin
• ACT or SAT sponsorship for a HSTA student who requests financial help
• HSTA Alumni Association plaque placed in the Health Sciences Center on West Virginia University’s Medical School campus

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Membership Application

Current members can make their annual membership donations here. 
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