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2014-Forensics at WVSU

HSTA "fun" Photo-2014 HSTA students at Forensics summer camp at West Virginia State University. This camp is directed by Kelli Jackson. This is a fun academic experience for 10th grade HSTA Students.

Biomed I at WVU-2014

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Biomed Week 1-2014

HSTA's students at 2014 HSTA Capitol Day

Donate to HSTA-Give a little back to the new kids in the HSTA Family. Remember it is tax deductible!!!§ion=Health%20Sciences%20and%20Technology%20Academy%20%28HSTA%29 Read More

Support HSTA’s family members

$40 helps a student with partial ACT/SAT test,$50.00-Student travels to Capitol Day,$500.00-Sara Spencer Essay Award.No donation is used for salaries!§ion=Health%20Sciences%20and%20Technology%20Academy%20%28HSTA%29 Read More

Braxton/Webster HSTA Student of the Year

House Speaker Tim Miley, Braxton-Webster Outstanding Student of the Year ZoeAnn Bender, BW FSC Debbie Burgess, HSTA parent Elizabeth Bender, Delegate Brent Boggs and Delegate Dana Lynch.

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Senior Students at 2013 Summer Camp.

HSTA Sr. Students at WVU for Summer Camp 2013.

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Builder Bash-2011

Builder Bash is to help students work together.§ion=Health%20Sciences%20and%20Technology%20Academy%20%28HSTA%29 Read More

Biomed II with the Mountaineer

The West Virginia University Mountaineer visits with HSTA students at summer Camp.§ion=Health%20Sciences%20and%20Technology%20Academy%20%28HSTA%29 Read More

2012-Biomed Summer Camp

HSTA students at 2012 Biomed Summer Camp, learning about the medical field.§ion=Health%20Sciences%20and%20Technology%20Academy%20%28HSTA%29 Read More

Summer Camp 2013

HSTA students at Summer Camp 2013

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Retirement of Eastern Panhandle Field Site Coordinator

Don Coghlan was recently recognized for his outstanding contributions to the Eastern Panhandle HSTA students.

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HSTA Summer Camps

HSTA Summer camp is a time for learning, having fun, and meeting new people. 

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Volunteer Opportunities at WVU Healthcare

Please read all requirements before completing the application.

WVU Healthcare accepts three types of volunteers: Juniors (age 14-18), college students and adults.

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 Health Sciences Technology Academy (HSTA) 

Each of us cares deeply about our children and their future. The Health Sciences and Technology Academy's (HSTA) vision was founded in 1994 on the faith, resilience, spirit and commitment of individuals, communities and universities throughout the state. HSTA is a 9th-12th grade math and science enrichment program built in West Virginia, by West Virginians, for West Virginians which encourages aspirations, opens doors, and empowers minority and underrepresented students and communities. This partnership brings students and teachers to campuses each summer for laboratory and classroom training and activities. The partnership then provides the infrastructure and support for community-based science projects mentored by scientists, teachers, health professions, students and volunteer community leaders during the school year. Through HSTA, our students and alumni are building a better tomorrow by improving our education, our lifestyles, our health literacy and our communities today.

Ann Chester, Director



      HSTA Supporters:   



Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation Coca-Cola Foundation
Marshall University Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Kellogg Foundation Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA)
NIH-Community Infrastructure Award NIH-Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence(INBRE)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation University of Pittsburgh
West Virginia Legislature West Virginia State University
West Virginia University West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd HSC Eastern Division
Schenk Foundation Hugh I Shott Jr. Foundation, and Stanley Hostler.
Glenville State College WV School of Osteopathic Medicine
NIH-Clinical & Translation Research Award Oregon Health and Science University